Summer Fun Collection

General information

All varieties we have curated in this collection are tried and true favorites at Sego Lily Flower farm here in Utah. They are some of the best and most beautiful varieties for cut flowers that we know will thrive here in our intermountain climate. While they will be beautiful separately, these collections are best used together to provide you with a season's worth of gorgeous bouquets. 

Summer Fun Collection

If you are craving color, this collection is for you! We've chosen the most colorful and gorgeous varieties for this collection. Rounding out all the beautiful flowers is lemon basil. This foliage provides scent and greenery for your arrangements and bouquets. This collection works beautifully with the cool season collection to provide you with beautiful flowers all season long. Includes:

  • (4) 6pk - Zinnia, Benary's Giant, Dahlia blue point series- Mix
    • Benary's Giant are the gold standard for large zinnias, full and voluptuous. What is a summer bouquet without zinnias! Ht. 40-50"
  • (1) 6pk - Ageratum, Blue Horizon    
    • The perfect pop of purply blue that makes bouquets come alive. It loves warm weather, and is commonly called floss flower. The bees love it too. Ht. 24"
  • (1) 6pk - Celosia, Sylphid
    • Plume type celosia in a frosty lemonade color. Use fresh or dried. Great with pastels or brights.  Ht. 36-40"
  • (1) 6pk - Cosmos, Afternoon White
    • Large, classic cosmos and they just keep blooming if you keep cutting! Great for florists and market bouquets. Ht. 42-46"
  • (2) 6pk - Basil, Mrs. Burn's Lemon Basil   
    • Tallest lemon basil on the market, amazing fresh lemon scent. Great summer bouquet foliage. Ht. 20-24"
  • (1) 6pk - Gomphrena “Raspberry Cream”.
    • Warm pink gumdrop shaped flowers. Wonderful fresh or dried. Ht. 24”
  • (1) 6pk - Strawflower “Apricot Peach”.
    • Apricot peach bronze colored papery blossoms. Ht. 36–40".
  • (1) 6pk -  Marigold “Chedi Mix”.  
    • Warm mix of yellow and orange. Tall straight stems are some of the best for cut flowers. Lasts for weeks in a vase. Ht. 36-48”

Each collection is composed of (12) 6 packs that neatly fit in a single 10” x 20” flat that will fill about 32 ft²,  around 8 ft if your rows are 4 ft wide, and about 14 ft if you have 30 in wide beds. A planting and harvesting guide will be available at pickup.