Essentials Cool Season Collection

General information

All varieties we have curated in this collection are tried and true favorites at Sego Lily Flower farm here in Utah. They are some of the best and most beautiful varieties for cut flowers that we know will thrive here in our intermountain climate. While they will be beautiful separately, these collections are best used together to provide you with a season's worth of gorgeous bouquets.

Cool Season Collection

If you want to add some variety to your cut flower garden, something beyond zinnias and cosmos, this is the collection for you.  These varieties like to be established when the weather is still cool, but will bloom all summer. Prairie Sun rudbeckia and Magic Single fever few are two of the best perennials for cut flowers. This collection is the perfect start to a beautiful cut flower garden, and work well with either the Summer Romance collection or the Summer Fun collection. Includes:

  • (1) 6pk - Rudbeckia, Prairie Sun 
    • Cheerful and prolific, this green-eyed black eyed susan will bloom all season. Great for market bouquets and subscriptions. Ht.30"
  • (4) 6pk - Snapdragon, Madame Butterfly, Mix
    • Azalea type flowers on long, strong stems. Big, romantic blossoms! Blooms after Chantilly. Ht. 30"
  • (1) 6pk - Feverfew, Magic Single 
    • Charming sprays of 1" blooms atop strong tall stems. Best single variety, full, pretty blooms. People love the tiny daisy look. Ht. 28-36"
  • (1) 6pk - Statice, Pastel Mix
    • Statice is a phenomenal filler, if you grow too much, simply dry it for later. Lovely mix of pale pink, lavender, light blue, yellow, and apricot. Ht.24-30"
  • (1) 6pk - Monarda, Lombada.
    • Gorgeous lavender filler with pleasant scent. Customers call this the Dr. Seuss flower, adds a touch of wildflower whimsy to every bouquet. Will re-bloom in our climate, cut them deep! Ht. 30"
  • (1) 6pk - Scabiosa Mix, Salmon Queen, Oxford Blue, and Black Knight.
    • Annual pincushion flower in a beautiful mix of salmon pink, lavender blue and dark purple black. Very productive and tall. Ht. 36-40”
  • (1) 6pk - Yarrow “Favorite Berries”. 
    • Perennial yarrow in soft pinks, peaches, and yellows. Ht. 24”
  • (1) 6pk -  Strawflower “Silvery Rose” 
    • Soft pink papery flowers that are great fresh or dried. Ht. 30-36”
  • (1) 6pk - Dianthus “Amazon” 
    • Annual sweet william in bright pinks. Productive and long lasting in a vase. Ht. 24”

Each collection is composed of (12) 6 packs that neatly fit in a single 10” x 20” flat that will fill about 32 ft²,  around 8 ft if your rows are 4 ft wide, and about 14 ft if you have 30 in wide beds. A planting and harvesting guide will be available at pickup.