Celosia - Flamingo Purple

Dense, shrub-like plants produce a bounty of dramatic, dark burgundy-and-green foliage with 2–5" magenta flower spikes. Plants are upright and highly uniform, and stems are dark red, thick, and sturdy. As a cut flower, it adds a tropical flair. NOTE: Despite the name, this is a very different plant than Pink Flamingo celosia. Purple Flamingo blooms late and produces an abundance of foliage with comparatively few flowers on very dense plants. Pink Flamingo is the opposite in many ways, blooming early with lots of flowers and few leaves. Ht. 36-48"

This is a warm season tender annual, it should be planted after the threat of frost is over in your area. We grow plugs for growers in zones 4 through 8, please choose your pick up month accordingly for planting in your local area. If there is not inventory in the month you would prefer please reach out to Fawn at flowers@snuckfarm.com 

This variety is sold in a 128 cell plug tray, you will receive at least 100 plugs per tray, often more. 

Please note that we do our best to have plugs at the right size for planting on your chosen pick up date. The plants will do best for you when planted on time. We cannot hold plugs after the pick up dates. Please plan ahead as you order, thank you.