Snuck Cut-Flower & Vegetable Plant Sale

Saturday, May 11th: 10 AM - 2 PM

Quantities are limited. Come early for best selection.

Snuck Farmshop
504 West 1100 North
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062





Blackberry Triple Crown (great cut flower foliage)

Columbine Winky Double Rose and White

Geum Apricot Pearl

Bearded Iris “Rio Vista”

Variegated Iris 

Double Asiatic Lily “Desierto”

Lily LA Hybrid “Summer Sky”

Peony “Cytheria”

Peony “Mons. Jules Elie”

Peony “Paula Fay”

Peony “Sarah Bernhardt”

Peony “Kansas”

Peony “Red Charm”

Upright Sedum “Class Act”

Upright Sedum “Indian Chief”

Veronica “First Glory”

Yarrow “Peter Cottontail”

Hyssop “Ava”

Asclepias “Ice Ballet”

Asclepias “Soul Mate”

Aster “Bluebird”

Coneflower “Mellow Yellow”

Globe Thistle “Blue Glow”

Bee Balm “Raspberry Wine”

Poppy “Brilliant”

Poppy “Princess Victoria Louise”

Poppy “Royal Wedding”

Phlox “Jeana”

Salvia “Silver Scent”



Benary Giant Zinnias: Salmon Rose, Coral, Lilac, Carmine Rose, Bright Pink, Creamy Yellow, Mix, Deep Red, Wine

Queenie Series Zinnias: Lime Red, Lime Orange, Lemon Peach, Lime Blush

Marigold: Chedi Orange, White Swan, Nosento Lime Green, Garuda Yellow, Garuda Deep Gold

Cosmos: Double Click Bicolor Pink, Double Click Snow Puff, Double Click Cranberries, Afternoon White, Apricotta, Versailles Flush

Basil: Cinnamon, Aromatto, Mrs. Burn Lemon



Sunrise Collection

Chimicum Luke

Jowey Chantel

Cornel Bronze

Linda’s Baby

Totally Tangerine


Midnight Collection

Cafe Au Lait

Silver Years

Sweet Nathalie

Black Satin

Karma Choc


Vase Life Collection

Orsett Beauty

Daisy Duke



Jowey Nicky


Daylight Collection


Ryecroft Jan


Linda’s Baby


Single Varieties: (sold in packages of 3 tubers)

Cornel Bronze

Chimicum Luke

Cafe Au Lait

Sweet Nathalie

Black Satin

Orsett Beauty

Daisy Duke



Rycroft Jan

Linda’s Baby


Gitts Attention

Carmel Antique

Brown Sugar

Jowey Winnie

Arabian Night

Bride to Be

     **We will also have a curated collection of locally grown tomato and vegetable plants ready for your garden.**