Snuck Flowers Wholesale Collection

Please be sure to select the best pickup dates for your growing zone.

No shipping. Pickup only available in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

These flats are suitable for flower farmers and those wanting to grow in bulk. 

The wholesale flats will require a completed TC-721 form upon order pickup.

Lisianthus will be offered for presale this year and come in 200 cell flats.

All other varieties will be offered in 128-cell plug trays.

We will have a select variety of perennials in 50-cell trays.

Pricing ranges from $30 to $75 per tray.

Germination rates: while we wish we had perfect germination every time, we encourage you to expect at least 100 plants per 128 tray.  With lisianthus, please expect at least 150 plants per 200 tray.

(None of our lisianthus flats had less than 160 plants last year, and some varieties were close to 96% germination.)