Snuck Share Week #8, 2020

February 18, 2020

Snuck Share Week #8, 2020

Hello Farm Members,

If you haven't heard by now, our Farmyard Share for 2020 is now live! 

We’ve loved the ability, in recent years, to share flavorful home-grown produce with our members. This year, in the spirit of increased collaboration, we’re partnering with Petersen Family Farm to bring you an even greater variety of fruits and veggies, straight from farm to fork.

Petersen Family Farm is a sustainably minded, majority-vegetable farm in Riverton whose focus is on being close to their crops and producing high-quality produce and experiences with the land. We deeply value what other small-scale farmers bring to the community, and can’t wait to deepen our ongoing dialog with Petersen Farm. All of it, of course, in the service of putting great local food on the table for you and your family. 

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-The Snuck Team


Here's what you'll find in your share this week:
* this is not a bread/yogurt week *

Family Share:

  • Salad Mix, 1 bag
  • Butterhead Lettuce, 2 heads
  • Kale, 1 bag
  • Cress, 1 bag
  • Green Pak Choy, 1 bag
  • Living Basil, 1-2 plants

Classic Share:

  • Salad Mix, 1 bag
  • Butterhead Lettuce, 1 head
  • Rainbow Chard, 1 bag
  • Mustard Greens, 1 bag

Just Lettuce Share:

  • Salad Mix, 1 bag
  • Butterhead Lettuce, 2 heads

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