Snuck Share Week #52

December 26, 2018

Snuck Share Week #52

Hello Farm Members-
We hope you had a wonderful holiday yesterday and that you continue to enjoy the festivities through the week. 

Just a reminder, if you out of town for the holidays and can't pick up your share, send us an email at and we'll donate your share to a family in need. You can click on the tab to the right "Going out of Town" to read more about our favorite charity, Tabitha's Way.
Happy Holidays!

As always, eat well, do good.

-The Snuck Team

Here's what you'll find this week in your Snuck Share...

Family Share

Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads, Braising Mix: 1 bag, Cilantro: 1 bunch, Green Bok Choy: 1 bag, Dark Greens Mix: 1 bag

Classic Share

Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 1 head, Braising Mix: 1 bag, Baby Romaine: 1 bag

Just Lettuce Share
Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads

Just Kale Share

Kale: 1 bunch

Salad Mix Share 

Salad Mix: 1 bag

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