Snuck Share Week #47

November 19, 2019

Snuck Share Week #47

Hi Farm Members,

We get our Snuck Shares ready for pickup and delivery every week. Every week, that means harvesting, sorting, bagging, and labeling. As we do it, we're imagining who's on the other end: a person, a family, a life. It's one of the privileges of being a small farm. We don't have to ship what we grow thousands of miles away, where most of it will ultimately be wasted. Instead, we get to hand it to someone in our community.

We love hearing about what you do with your greens. We love knowing that they're making your life a little better, a little tastier, a little easier. And we love that all the hard work our plants are doing to grow is turning into something that our whole community shares.

Thanks for growing with us.

As always, eat well, do good.

-The Snuck Farm team


Here's what you'll find in your shares this week...

Family Share

  • Rainbow Chard, 1 bunch
  • Salad Mix, 8 oz bag
  • Butterhead, 2 heads
  • Baby Romaine, 1 bunch
  • Basil, 1 bag
  • Pea Shoots, 1 bag

Classic Share

  • Salad Mix, 8 oz bag
  • Butterhead, 1 head
  • Kale, 1 bunch
  • Arugula, 1 bag

Just Lettuce Share

  • Salad Mix, 8 oz bag
  • Butterhead, 2 heads


**This is a Bread and Yogurt Share week!**

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