Snuck Share Week #4, 2020

January 21, 2020

Snuck Share Week #4, 2020

Hello Farm Members!

In need of an exciting way for a young person to get involved in the kitchen? We've got just the class for you! In our Youth Whole Food Cooking Class, kids 10 and up will join us to lean everything they need to become budding chefs. On January 25 or February 22, kids and adolescents will build their cooking confidence as they explore kitchen safety, prep and cooking techniques, and new ways to appreciate their food.

In a hands-on, whole-foods focused class, children will learn from experienced instructors and support each other as they take food from farm to table. They'll develop a new understanding of where their food comes from and leave with new skills and recipes to try at home.

Visit our Workshop section to see available times and to sign up!

-The Snuck Team


Here's what you'll find in your shares this week:
*this is not a bread/yogurt week*

Family Share:

  • Kale, 1 bag
  • Salad Mix, 1 bag
  • Dill, 1 bag
  • Summer Cress, 1 head
  • Pea Shoots, 1 bag
  • Butterhead Lettuce, 2 heads


Classic Share:

  • Spinach, 1 bag
  • Salad Mix, 1 bag
  • Butterhead Lettuce, 1 head
  • Mustard Greens, 1 bag


Just Lettuce:

  • Salad Mix, 1 bag
  • Butterhead Lettuce, 2 heads

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