Snuck Share Week #33

August 14, 2019

Snuck Share Week #33

Hello Farm Members-

This time of year might mark the end of summer for most people, but for us, it marks the start of the heavy harvest! Fall brings plenty of delicious fruit and vegetables for us to enjoy, we can't wait to share it with you through our Farmyard shares!

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As always, eat well, do good.

-The Snuck Team

Here's what you'll find this week in your Snuck Share...

Family Share
Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads, Dark Greens Mix: 1 bunch, Arugula: 1 bag, Cress: 1 bag, Lemongrass: 1 each

Classic Share

Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 1 head, Dark Greens Mix: 1 bunch, Summercrisp: 1 head

Just Lettuce Share
Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads

Just Kale Share

Kale: 1 bunch

Salad Mix Share 

Salad Mix: 1 bag

Full Farmyard Share
Carrot, Orange: 1 pound bag, Tomato: 3 each, Cabbage: 1 each, Corn: 8 ears, Zucchini: 2 each, Yellow Squash: 1 each: Garlic: 2 each, Mixed Herbs: 1 bunch

Half Farmyard Share 
Tomato: 1 each, Cabbage: 1 each,  Zucchini: 1 each, Yellow Squash: 1 each: Garlic: 1 each, Dark Greens : 1 bunch

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