Snuck Share Week #31

July 31, 2019

Snuck Share Week #31

Hello Farm Members-

We've had an exciting lineup of workshops over the past few months and we're excited for the upcoming workshops as well. On August 15th, we're excited to welcome Maria of Save the Bees Flower Co. for our Cut Flower Fields to Vase Workshop. Join us for this unique workshop where you'll learn all about the different varieties of cut flowers, and how to recognize them. You’ll practice harvesting flowers into a container of water, then preparing them for arrangement inside. We only have a few spots left, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

As always, eat well, do good.

-The Snuck Team

Here's what you'll find this week in your Snuck Share...

Family Share
Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads, Kale: 1 bag, Red Bok Choy: 1 bag, Baby Romaine: 1 head, Mint: 1 bunch

Classic Share

Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 1 head, Kale: 1 bunch, Sage: 1 bunch

Just Lettuce Share
Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads

Just Kale Share

Kale: 1 bunch

Salad Mix Share 

Salad Mix: 1 bag

Full Farmyard Share
Carrot, Orange: 1 bunch, Tomato: 3 each, Raspberries: 6 ounces, Golden Beets: 1 bunch, Zucchini: 2 each, Kohlrabi: 1 each

Half Farmyard Share
Carrot, Orange: 1 bunch, Tomato: 3 each, Corn: 8 ears, Raspberries: 6 ounces,

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