Snuck Share Week #24

June 12, 2019

Snuck Share Week #24

Hello Farm Members-

If you are a member of the Family Share, you'll find both arugula and basil in your share this week. Try one of our favorite homemade pizza recipes to combine both of these greens for a delicious dinner this week. Follow this recipe here! If you're looking to try including more greens in your meals this summer, consider our subscribing to our Family Share.

As always, eat well, do good.

-The Snuck Team

Here's what you'll find this week in your Snuck Share...

Family Share
Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads, Kale: 1 8 oz. bunch, Arugula: 1 bag, Red Bok Choy: 1 bag, Basil: 1 bag

Classic Share

Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 1 head, Kale: 1 8 oz. bunch, Spring Lettuce: 1 head

Just Lettuce Share
Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads

Just Kale Share

Kale: 1 bunch

Salad Mix Share 

Salad Mix: 1 bag

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