Snuck Share Week #17

April 24, 2019

Snuck Share Week #17

Hello Farm Members-

If you haven't tried our Farmyard share, you don't know what you're missing out on. All season long Farmyard share members receive fresh fruit and vegetables grown right in our our farmyard and greenhouses. The fresh produce is the perfect complement for your greens!

As always, eat well, do good.

-The Snuck Team

Here's what you'll find this week in your Snuck Share...

Family Share

Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads, Kale: 1 8 oz bag, Summercrisp: 1 head, Mustard Greens: 1 bag, Red Bok Choy: 1 bag

Classic Share

Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 1 head, Kale 1 8 oz bag, Watercress: 1 bag

Just Lettuce Share
Salad Mix: 1 bag, Butterhead: 2 heads

Just Kale Share

Kale: 1 bunch

Salad Mix Share 

Salad Mix: 1 bag

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