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Snuck Farm Greens CSA Policy

Substitutions: We do our best to provide our members with consistency, however, please know that the contents of the weekly subscriptions are subject to change. In the case that we must substitute an item, we will inform subscribers via our weekly newsletter. Snuck Farm is unable to accommodate individual requests for item substitutions.

Payment: Signing up automatically enrolls you in a monthly subscription. Payments will be withdrawn form your original payment method once per month.

Holds: Subscriptions can be held for 1-3 months. For example, if you will be out of town during the summer months, you may place your subscription on hold and it will automatically resume after the designated time. Hold requests must be submitted before your monthly payment is due. To put your subscription on hold contact

Cancellation: Your subscription can be cancelled at any time however your request for cancellation must be submitted before your monthly payment is due. To cancel a subscription contact

Pick-Up: Subscribers are responsible to arrange pick up for their subscriptions during their scheduled pickup time. Failure to do so means that their subscription will be donated at the end of the pickup time and they are not eligible for a refund or replacement.

Privacy: Snuck Farm will never sell or share any of your personal information. We only collect information needed to collect payment and communicate with you regarding your CSA subscription.