Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop

October 25, 7:00 pm at Snuck Farm

Biting into a fresh-sliced, handmade loaf of bread is one of the great culinary experiences. Whole books have been written on the joy of bread! And if you've ever tried the bread from Abigail's Oven that you can add on to your Snuck Share, you know that the key to great bread is simplicity.

Learn all about finding that simplicity in a class from Abigail's Oven, which will cover the ancient art of naturally leavened sourdough. You'll learn the science behind sourdough, how to use and care for your start, and how to make loaves of delicious bread at home. The cost of the class includes a sourdough start, a bench scraper, and access to a video version of the live class so you can get a refresher whenever you need one. Come join us for a great evening together as we explore the craft behind great sourdough.

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