Salad Dressing: Communal Pantry @ Snuck Farm

We all know that what takes a salad from good to great is the dressing you put on top. A dressing isn’t just an afterthought. It should complement the greens and toppings without overpowering their flavor. It should balance sweetness and acidity, bringing amazing flavor to each bite. The dressings from Communal Pantry do just that. Created from scratch each week, they elevate your salad game to the next level, and they’re the perfect addition to your week’s share.

Each week you'll receive one new flavor of salad dressing, specifically made for Snuck Farm Member's by the Chef's at Communal. 

The price is a weekly charge on an auto-renewing subscription.

Pickups are every Wednesday at the location of your choosing. Please select a pickup location below. 

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