Farm to Glass Mixology Workshop

July 9th, 7:00 PM- 8:30 PM at Snuck Farm

Skilled apothecaries have been turning fresh herbs into tonics and syrups for centuries. We’re giving tradition a modern twist at our upcoming Field to Glass workshop, with guest presenter Martha Puentes. Bring a friend or a date and enjoy an evening spent exploring how to make shrubs, agua frescas, and simple syrups that capture summer’s flavors. Then, experiment with some mixology, using your new herb expertise to create delicious mocktails. We’ll also discuss the many varied uses for shrubs and syrups in cooking and baking. From glazing roasted vegetables to adding complexity to your sweet baking recipes, they’re truly versatile.

You’ll explore with your senses and discover new favorites, using fresh herbs straight from the greenhouse. Together, we’ll talk about the history of herbs, their modern uses, and creating our own, sustainable recipes. And of course, the next time you get together with your friends, you’ll impress them all with your home-grown flavor!

What to expect:

  1. An introduction to herbs and their aromatic and wellness properties.
  2. A tour of Snuck Farm and a chance to harvest your own herbs.
  3. An opportunity to explore the taste, texture, and scent of different Snuck-grown herbs.
  4. Hands-on demonstrations of how to create a shrub (a drinking tonic), agua fresca (refreshing herb-infused water), and a simple syrup with fresh herbs.
  5. Hands-on demonstration of how to use your homemade ingredients to mix delicious mocktails.
  6. A take-home shrub that you designed, plus recipes for all the demonstrated drinks.

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