alpacas in stalls at farm

Terms and Conditions

Cyber Monday Sales: If you are purchasing a "Cyber Monday One Month Share", the below terms and conditions are not applicable. You will receive a printable gift card file that you can use to customize, print out and wrap for the gift-giving season. Your gift recipient will redeem their gift card for a Snuck Share at, and will pick-up their share at the Farm. 

Ordering: Snuck Shares automatically charge on the 15th of each month. New orders are charged in full at check-out and refunded within 5 business days for any unreceived weeks for the pay period. All orders must be placed by Sunday night to receive your order on the following Wednesday. Any orders that are placed after Sunday will be available on the following Wednesday.  

Add-on’s: Eggs, Bread, Fruit & Yogurt Shares can only be purchased in accompany with one of the Snuck Greens Shares ( i.e. Family, Classic, Just lettuce, Kale, Salad Mix Shares). Orders that do not meet this requirement will be contacted to add a share or refunded if they do not wish to add a Greens Share.

Pick-up: Shares are picked-up weekly at the location they selected during the order process at the designated pick up time for that chosen location. Any unclaimed Shares will be donated by the site host at the end of the pick up window.

Cancellation: Customers can cancel shares at any time before the 15th of the month when payments are due to renew. No refunds will be issued after payment has been renewed.

Substitutions: Snuck farm is unable to accommodate individual requests to personalize the greens in weekly shares. On occasion, the farmers might need to make substations to the staple and rotational crops.