Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Snuck Share? 

A Snuck Share is a grouping of freshly grown greens from our hydroponic greenhouse. We offer three different types of share sizes to accommodate you and your family's needs. We grow several different types of lettuces, greens, and herbs that can be included in your chosen share of fresh wholesome food.

How does Snuck Share work? 

Our greens are grown on a continuous basis in our greenhouse, which allows for our customers to choose which size of greens they find is best suited for their household. Select the size, add it to your cart, and any additional items you would like to add such as farm fresh eggs, yogurt, bread and fresh fruit. You will be enrolled in a weekly pick-up for your greens and any additional items you selected, pick-up locations are available on our farm or at other regional locations. The last step is to eat and enjoy your whole foods all week!

How many people will one Snuck Share feed?

We estimate that each share will feed 2-5 people per week, however, this will always vary depending on how much you and your family consume each week.  We believe that lettuces and greens are a staple in every household, remember you can always adjust your size of share by choosing between our three different sizes or adding more to your share with the "Extra Kale" or "Extra Lettuce" options. 

Can I get my Snuck Share delivered?

Snuck Shares are picked-up at the farm, which we prefer as we enjoy seeing you each week, but other regional locations are available for your convenience, please see our other pick-up locations. If you are interested in getting a pick-up location in your neighborhood or workplace, please contact us at

How do I get a drop location in my neighborhood, workplace or group?

To make our Snuck Share more accessible to those seeking fresh local greens, Snuck Farm will provide delivery to groups of 10 or more subscribers. All that is required is a site-host to provide a suitable drop location, such as a residence or business in a cool sheltered location and 10 or more subscribers. For their participation, site-hosts receive a 50% discount off their Snuck Share subscription. Contact us for more information at

What happens to my share if I am on vacation?

All unclaimed Snuck Shares will be donated at the end of the day. You can coordinate to have someone pick-up your share in your place. You will find that friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors are usually more than happy to help you find a loving home for fresh delicious greens while you are out of town.

What happens if I can’t pick up or I forget to pick up my Snuck Share? 

All unclaimed shares will be donated at the end of the day. If you are unable to pick up, you may coordinate to have someone pick up your subscription for you.

How do I Change or Cancel my Snuck Share?

You can make changes or cancel a share by logging into your account here. We also send you a friendly email 2-3 days before the 15th of the month reminding you to update your account before the start of the new payment cycle. This email has link to your account page to help you quickly manage your shares. Once on your account page you can edit, add or cancel your shares but if you want your order to stay the same as the previous payment cycle, than no action is required. Once your share has renewed on the 15th of the month, no refunds will be issued during the payment cycle.

Can I customize my Snuck Share?

If you would like extra of an item, please see our other items in the shop to add to your order. We provide recipes and resources on our blog "What's in my share?" and on our recipes page so that our members can learn, explore and connect with their food.

Do you have any tips for first time Snuck Share members?

Here are a few tips for someone considering joining our Snuck Share for the first time.

Split shares with a friend or neighbor. This is a great way to try out a share if you are not sure how much you will consume, or anticipate being out of town frequently. Plus it’s nice to have another person to help coordinate weekly pick up. Get a group of friends or neighbors to sign up too! It can be very helpful to have someone else alternating weekly pickups with you. Organize a “drop location” in your neighborhood, workplace or group. All that is required is a site-host to provide a suitable drop location, such as a residence or business in a cool sheltered location and 10 or more subscribers. For their participation, site-hosts receive a 50% discount off their Snuck Share. Contact us for more information at Get creative with your share! Try new recipes. Occasionally you will get an item you are not very familiar with. We try to supply subscribers with some of our farmer’s favorite recipes each week but don’t be afraid to try your own your creations and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram. Supplement your backyard garden. Growing tomatoes and summer squash is a great summer pastime for a lot of people, however, growing greens can be a bit more tricky with hot summers and short growing season. “Lettuce” take care of those greens for you (sorry for the farmer pun, it’s a hard habit to “beet”).

Does Snuck Farm host weddings?

Snuck Farm is a working farm, growing whole foods on a daily basis, because of this we do not rent our barn or greenhouse for weddings or events. In our Snuck kitchen, we do host workshops and cross-collaborate with individuals and companies that share our values, please contact us at

Does Snuck Farm offer tours?

Due to our Integrative Pest Management Program and our desire to keep our greens as clean as possible, we do not offer tours. To learn more about how we grow and to get a glimpse inside our greenhouse click here.

Can I volunteer at the farm

Yes! We have both work day and long term volunteer opportunities available. See our volunteer page for more information.

What other local products do you offer and when do I pick them up?

We offer local yogurt, bread and eggs that can be picked up with your Snuck Share. These add-on’s are delivered with your share bi-weekly, on odd weeks. You must be a current Snuck Share member to purchase these items.

What if there is a problem with my order?

Email if you have any issues with your order or site pick up. It’s best to notify us by Wednesday evening, after pick up, so we can get you taken care of in a timely manner.

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