While we are biased to our greens and their sweetness, we also love fruit. Shares are available in the summer and fall months when the orchards are in full bloom, we select the freshest fruits in season from a small, family-owned orchard right here in Pleasant Grove.

Choose between:

Golden Delicious, 25 lbs

A medium sized, yellow/green skinned sweet and crisp.

Jona Gold, 25 lbs box

A large sweet apple with thin skin.

Jonathan, 25 lbs box

A medium sized sweet apple with a touch of acid.

Honey Crisp, 25lbs box

A medium to large sized apple with a very sweet crispness.

*All items from our Online Farmer's Market are picked-up at our Farm, located in Pleasant Grove. All orders must be placed by Sunday night to receive your order on the following Wednesday.  Any orders that are placed after Sunday will be available on the following Wednesday.

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