Snuck Farm Stand

March 13, 2019

Snuck Farm Stand

If you’ve stopped by Snuck Farm lately, you’ve probably seen some construction going up. Maybe you’ve even wondered what it is.

Well, wonder no longer: it’s our new farm stand!

For years, people have requested a way to pick up some farm-fresh produce direct from the source. We’re debuting the answer to that request this summer with our miniature farmer’s market.

Starting in mid-April, if you pick up your Snuck Share at the farm, you'll do it at the farm stand. Then, in the summer, we’ll open the farm stand a few days a week so we can share what we grow with the community at large. We’ll have a limited supply of fresh fruits and veggies available, as well as an area for you to refill bulk personal and household care items like soap and shampoo.

Have a request? Let us know! One of the great joys of being a small farm is being able to consider community feedback as we grow. We can’t wait to share the farm stand with you this summer; stay tuned for more updates as the project takes shape.

Farmer and cultivator

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