How I’m grateful

November 28, 2019

How I’m grateful

The coming holidays have me thinking a lot about gratitude. I think, in our modern lives, we sometimes push gratitude into a little to-do box. We take five minutes a day to be grateful, or include a line in our journals. But is that really what gratitude means? Is it something we do? Or is it a way that we live - a way of thinking, seeing, believing?

Of course, I am grateful in small ways for small things. I appreciate when someone smiles at me on the street. I feel buoyed by an unexpected note from a friend. I’m healthy, and the farm is doing well, and I am thankful daily for both of those things.

I’m also grateful in bigger ways, though, for things that I can’t draw lines around. I am grateful that people go out of their way to bring our produce into their lives, even though we aren’t the cheapest or the most convenient. When people have a moment where they realize that they want to slow down, to be more intentional, to be lighter on the earth, we are here. They find us, making us part of that journey - and that’s something big and powerful to be grateful for, too.

In this holiday season, I’m thinking about the big gratitude: the stuff that’s part of how we all fit together, and how all our lives slot into each other. It might not fit in a line a day, but that’s fine. It’s messy, and beautiful. I’m grateful for that.

- Farmer and Cultivator